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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Booth #9435

Mobile Industrial Robots is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots. We are dedicated to developing user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increase the efficiency of their operations.


9435 Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)
9435 Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) Booth Tour

Innovation Award

MiR1000 - an autonomous mobile robot
The MiR1000 from the Danish company Mobile Industrial Robots is a flexible, user-friendly and cost-efficient robot, that can be used in various applications. The MiR1000 is a collaborative and autonomous mobile robot that is designed to automate and optimize the transportation of heavy loads and pallets across industries. With a payload of 1000 kg, and a footprint of 1350x920 mm (equaling a EUR-pallet), MIR1000 is a large, powerful and robust mobile ...
Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)
90-9B Colin Drive
Holbrook, NY 11741

Phone: 631-6751838

Maike Vidjeskog
Marketing Manager