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Solution Centers

Five Function-specific Solution Centers Make It Easy For Buyers and Solution Providers to Connect.

Manufacturing & AssemblyManufacturing & Assembly

If you’re offering services and solutions related to manufacturing and assembly, this is where prospective buyers will find you. This Solution Center reaches those looking for automated assembly support, intelligent devices, robotics, ergonomic and safety equipment, workstations, overhead lifting equipment, light rail, and other equipment designed for a manufacturing environment.

Information TechnologyInformation Technology

In today’s world of constantly changing technologies, it’s no surprise that many MODEX attendees come looking for IT and visibility solutions, systems integration, and consulting services. The Information Technology Solution Center puts your company in the middle of the buyers who need manufacturing and supply chain systems, software, and automatic identification solutions.

Fulfillment & DeliveryFulfillment & Delivery

Eager to show potential buyers your order fulfillment, e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment, order packing and packaging, third-party logistics, warehousing, distribution, or transportation solutions? The Fulfillment & Delivery Solutions Center directs them straight to you.

Transportation & LogisticsTransportation & Logistics

This Solution Center is focused on bringing people, markets, and goods together in a way that is faster, more efficient, and more sustainable. Here, buyers can see, touch and operate these transportation and logistics solutions including solutions for road, rail, sea and air freight transportation, as well as parcel delivery, security, autonomous vehicles, robotics, sensors, supply chain management software, third party logistics, and reverse logistics.

Emerging TechnologiesEmerging Technologies

As leading-edge technologies continue to disrupt traditional supply chains by creating more-efficient next-generation models that are on-demand and always-on, your customers want to see, touch, and operate next-generation supply chain solutions, including sensors, software, cloud computing, driverless vehicles, robotics and automation, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, omni-channel fulfillment, augmented reality, wearable, and mobile technologies.