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MH+ Program

MHI’s mission is to deliver member value every day. As part of this mission, MHI and GES have made an investment in the success of exhibitors at MHI trade events by developing a program to help exhibitors control their material handling costs at MHI trade events.

The MH+ program will save exhibitors money and provide options for cost certainty on their material handling. Benefits of the MH+ program include:

  • No outbound overtime
  • Lower machinery material handling rates
  • Optional flat rate material handling for direct crated display material - $6.85/sq.ft. (With this option, you can ship as much as you want for a flat fee based on booth size rather than weight.)

You can opt in or out of the flat fee option here. A GES team member can help you evaluate if this option would provide you with cost savings. Please reach out to one of the following contacts and they will be able to help you determine if the $6.85/sq.ft. rate or the traditional weight-based material handling is more economical for you.

GES Contacts for the MH+ Program:

  • Nick Maleski –
  • Renee Merchant –
  • Chuck Grouzard –

MHI and GES first introduced the MH+ Program at ProMat 2019 where it saved exhibitors over $1 Million!