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RFID Store – Unmanned Consignment Stock

Turck Inc. (booth # 7233)

Summary of Innovation

Reduce costs and gain better transparency to inventory with the Turck RFID Store. This innovative store is ideal for high use parts and materials as it enables a vendor managed stock room or store that is open 24/7 with no personnel needed to man the store. Products purchased or rented from store are automatically scanned using UHF RFID. The RFID Store system manages users, SKUs, inventory and locations and offers usage data as well as invoicing data.

Benefits include 100 percent transparency to stock within the store. Parts and materials in the store are never out of stock, ensuring less downtime for the plant and making reordering easier and more efficient. Clients now have zero capital tied to stock and have improved tracking capabilities, which saves costs. Automatic replenishment of stock increases sales for those who supply the store with stock items.

Innovation Statement

This unique RFID Store is placed within a plant, factory or warehouse and requires no staff to man the store. It provides high-use parts and materials at the fingertips of users 24/7 without waiting for delivery, reducing downtime and costs.


Attendees of the show, who manage or purchase inventory, would be interested in learning more about this cost-saving, unique solution to gain 100 percent transparency to parts and materials within the store.


Posted Date 1/03/20
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