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Turck Inc.

Turck Inc.

Booth #7233

Turck is a sensor, connectivity, and fieldbus technology expert - Turck offers rugged and reliable solutions for material handling applications, including RFID, sensors, encoders and more. From improving inventory tracking and management to optimizing warehouse communication networks via industrial Ethernet, Turck is a leading manufacturer of products that are ideal for warehouses and distribution centers. Solutions from Turck uphold uncompromising standards for longevity and functionality. Turck has built global partnerships with customers based on its engineering expertise, flexibility and willingness to take on engineering challenges that others won't. When others say no, Turck finds a way.

Innovation Award

RFID Store – Unmanned Consignment Stock
Reduce costs and gain better transparency to inventory with the Turck RFID Store. This innovative store is ideal for high use parts and materials as it enables a vendor managed stock room or store that is open 24/7 with no personnel needed to man the store. Products purchased or rented from store are automatically scanned using UHF RFID. The RFID Store system manages users, SKUs, inventory and locations and offers usage data as well as invoicing data. ...
Turck Inc.
3000 Campus Drive
Plymouth, MN 55441

Toll Free: (800)544-7769
Phone: (763)553-7300
Fax: (763)553-0708

Scott Lipa
Sr. Technical Exhibit Coordinator


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