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Siemens Logistics LLC

Siemens Logistics LLC

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A parcel goes through many steps on its journey from sender to recipient – from unloading, singulation and recognition all the way to sorting. Speed and efficiency are the name of the game. Siemens Logistics offers innovative and intelligent solutions for effective and future-proof parcel logistics. With Siemens as your reliable partner, you benefit from innovative parcel sorting systems and software solutions – which offer great flexibility and route parcels quickly and safely through the sorting center.


Remote Under Belt Unloading System (RUBUS)
RUBUS is a unique solution that unloads parcels fully automatically and at high speeds. It can be configured for bulk or stream flow, and it allows a throughput of up to 25,000 items per hour. This rate is controllable and can be throttled dynamically at a central control station to match available system capacity. To enable compatibility with RUBUS, an inexpensive stationary belt kit is installed on the floor of a trailer or container. While RUBUS draws itself along the belt to the end of the trailer or container, it unloads parcels and packages. When RUBUS is not being used for unloading, such as in the case of pallet loads, the belting can simply be stowed out of the way. With RUBUS doing the work, safety is radically improved. That's because operators are no longer in the unloading environment, but stationed at a control panel outside the container.

Automated Bag Management System (ABMS)
Small parcel processing is one of the costliest and fastest growing segments in the parcel processing industry. After entering a processing hub, small packages are sorted and routed to specific sort destinations based on a predetermined sort scheme. Parcels destined for the same place are consolidated into bags to reduce the number of touches to each box. These bags are at each one of the sort destinations along the length of the parcel sorter. When full, these bags are manually cleared, closed, labeled, and placed onto a transport conveyor for outbound sorting and loading to destination trailers. All these operations currently employ significant manual labor to perform these repetitive tasks and are potential targets for systems automation. Siemens has built an innovative Automated Bag Management System (ABMS) that significantly reduces the manual labor required to fill and process these bags. The process to tend, fill, seal, label, and takeaway bagged groups of smalls parcels is fully automated. ABMS offers a reduction in bagging and labeling errors and a reduced cost per bag when compared to manual processing.

8411 Siemens Logistics LLC
8411 Siemens Logistics LLC


Innovation Award

Automated Bag Management System - ABMS
It's common for parcel delivery services to initially handle small parcels, known as “smalls,” separately from regular-sized parcels. In the initial sorting process, a number of smalls that share a destination or downstream processing are sorted to bags that fit into the size specification of a regular-sized parcel. When a bag becomes full, it is closed, labeled, and continues toward a shared destination for the contents, handled as a regular sized ...
Siemens Logistics LLC
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