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Siemens Logistics LLC

Siemens Logistics LLC

Booth #8411

A parcel goes through many steps on its journey from sender to recipient – from unloading, singulation and recognition all the way to sorting. Speed and efficiency are the name of the game. Siemens Logistics offers innovative and intelligent solutions for effective and future-proof parcel logistics. With Siemens as your reliable partner, you benefit from innovative parcel sorting systems and software solutions – which offer great flexibility and route parcels quickly and safely through the sorting center.


Innovation Award

Automated Bag Management System - ABMS
It's common for parcel delivery services to initially handle small parcels, known as “smalls,” separately from regular-sized parcels. In the initial sorting process, a number of smalls that share a destination or downstream processing are sorted to bags that fit into the size specification of a regular-sized parcel. When a bag becomes full, it is closed, labeled, and continues toward a shared destination for the contents, handled as a regular sized ...
Siemens Logistics LLC
2700 Esters Blvd., Suite 200 B
P.O. Box 613209
DFW Airport, TX 75261

Phone: 972-947-7270
Fax: 817-856-4645

Leilani Birkmire
Marketing & Communication Manager - North America


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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Computer Hardware and/or Software
Plant/Facility Equipment and Management
Sortation Equipment