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EAM-Mosca Corporation

EAM-Mosca Corporation

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With more than 35 years of experience and over 25,000 machines installed, our automatic strapping machines are proven to dramatically increase productivity, line speed, and package protection, while reducing downtime across a wide variety of industries and applications - allowing you the ability to meet or exceed performance goals.

EAM-Mosca provides operator cycled equipment, fully automatic solutions, squaring bundlers, unitizers and conveyors designed to secure and protect goods for shipping and storage. We also make high-performance polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) strapping materials to optimize machine throughput and ensure minimal variation between packages.

Our years of experience enable us to confidently configure the best systems and materials for your specific application with an easy no-obligation quote and plant survey.

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EAM-Mosca Adapts to a Changing Packaging Environment
Climate issues, the growth of e-commerce, a backlash against single-use products and ever-present cost reduction pressure are pushing packagers to find ways of reducing packaging waste. EAM-Mosca is working diligently to anticipate and provide solutions to assist customers in achieving cost and sustainability goals.
EAM-Mosca Teams PET Strapping with Ultrasonic Bundlers
Historically, Polypropylene strapping has been used for lighter, high-speed bundling and carton closing applications; Polyester strapping for securing larger, heavier pallet loads and shipping units. Today, PET strapping can be manufactured from 100% recycled materials, dramatically lowering strapping costs and contributing to sustainability goals.
Engineering Strapping Solutions to Fit Unique Requirements
Learn how EAM-Mosca responded to the affect emerging technologies had on business processes and changing requirements. Recognizing this trend, EAM-Mosca has established its Engineered Solutions division to provide strapping systems that truly fit application requirements rather than trying to force standard products into an ill-fitting situation.
Island Automation Increases Throughput and reduces Costs
Robotics, the Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution? It can sometimes feel like the whole world is automated. In fact, while automation is increasingly important for a variety of cost and performance reasons, there are always processes that don’t quite fit.


8636 EAM-Mosca Corporation
8636 EAM-Mosca Corporation

Automated strapping systems with belt or roller conveyor. The innovative Standard-6 Sealer, refined system components, and optional features offer the best performance/price solution for a variety of in-line strapping applications.

EAM-Mosca Corporation
675 Jaycee Drive
Hazle Township, PA 18202

Phone: 570-459-3426
Fax: 570-455-2442

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