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Conveyco Technologies

Conveyco Technologies

Booth #1614

Conveyco Technologies is one of the nation’s leading integrator providing the RightFIT order fulfillment, distribution center and warehouse solutions. We provide solutions utilizing our RightFIT methodology in customer applications, zones, green and brown field systems to help assure immediate and long-term success.

Featured at MODEX:
-- Augmented Vision Order Picking, Replenishment, Put Wall and Pick Cart Applications.
-- AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) Proof of Concept (POC) Program. Validate and test AMR systems prior to committing to entire systems.
-- AMR High Density AS/RS Exotec system. A patented system designed to provide flexibility and cost effectiveness. Simply add, change or modify to accommodate storage and throughput requirements.
-- WES (Warehouse Execution Software) system. The latest WES designed to run faster, longer and smoother. Integrated emulators allow systems to be tested beyond scope and future changes and modifications.

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Augmented Vision Order Fulfillment
Augmented Vision order fulfillment provides the benefits of voice, pick to light and RF picking without the expensive infrastructure and costly maintenance. Allows for quick change and growth to meet an organizations changing requirments.
RightFIT Your Operations to Success!
The new RightFIT™ methodology from Conveyco Technologies provides organizations with a seven, step-by-step process to assure project success. This process allows for a more efficient execution while helping to address future growth and meet or exceed the business case.


1614 Conveyco Technologies, Inc.
1614 Conveyco Technologies, Inc.

High-Density Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS)
Exotec AMR High-Density AS/RS system provides tremendous levels of flexibility and agility. The ability to cost-effectively add and subtract to the system's performance rapidly and based on your business requirements. Adding more SKUs is as simple as adding more rack. Adding additional throughput is as easy as increasing the picking workstations or more AMR robots. Contact Conveyco to see how this system makes sense for your application.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) Order Fulfillment and Returns Handling
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) provide outstanding goods to person order fulfillment and returns handling. The system's flexibility allows organizations to scale as their SKU count, velocity, throughput and labor requirements require.

Cost Effective Augmented Vision Order Fulfillment
Booth 1614 - See how augmented vision can improve your organizations picking, replenishment, pick carts and put wall applications grow in efficiency!

Conveyco Technologies
P.O. Box 1000
Bristol, CT 06011-1000

Phone: (860) 589-8215 x 128
Fax: (860) 583-1384

Ed Romaine
VP Marketing & Business Dev



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RightFIT Methodology

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