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The pick-by-vision solution provided by Picavi makes it possible to visually manage the picking process for goods in intralogistics in a consistent manner. The use of this innovation maximizes productivity at warehouses and minimizes error rates. When wearing the smart glasses, warehouse workers have both hands free for their primary task, i.e. picking goods.

Picavi was founded in 2013 and has been offering its pick-by-vision solution to the warehouse sector as a marketable product since 2015. Numerous, large-scale corporations with international operations from a wide variety of sectors already make use of Picavi products in their daily business. An extensive network of service, integration, technology and sales partners supports the work of the company’s 30 employees. The firm has its headquarters in Herzogenrath in the Aachen urban region.


Picavi at MODEX
Joe Tarvin shows you hoe our smart glasses and the vision-picking technology works.

5485 Picavi
5485 Picavi

Innovation Award

Picavi Cockpit
Logistics processes are sometimes like a jungle: complex, confusing and quite tricky. An experienced guide is crucial in order to avoid getting lost and to keep an eye on the overall goal. That is why Picavi will be presenting the brand new product – Picavi Cockpit. The innovative tool has features for the generation of smart data as well as for managing, maintaining and customizing the screen of the Pick-by-Vision smartglasses: analytics, mobile ...
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