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Retail Handling Solutions

Retail Handling Solutions

Booth #4915

Recognizing that retail store operations are significantly different from manufacturing and somewhat different from warehousing, Retail Handling Solutions concentrates on the practical application of ergonomics on the specific circumstances of this work environment. Limited space, high volumes, thin margins, packaging necessities, etc. Consideration for in-store shoppers and merchandising frequently requires a very different approach to optimizing the productivity and safety of these stock handling applications. We understand this and are ready to discuss your store operations with this experience in hand.


4915 Retail Handling Solutions
4915 Retail Handling Solutions

Retail Handling Solutions
P.O. Box 1380
Portland, ME 04104-1380

Toll Free: 800-743-1000
Phone: 207-878-0700
Fax: 207-797-4734

Jean Hooton
Sales Manager



Keg Lifter
Lift'n Buddy
Pail Lifter
U Leveler

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