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Stromcore Energy Inc.

Stromcore Energy Inc.

Booth #7249

Stromcore is the leading designer and manufacturer of Lithium-Ion forklift batteries. We offer intuitive plug-and-play solutions for almost all existing 24V, 36V, 48V and 80V forklifts. By applying the latest in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology, we are redefining productivity with ever faster charge rates, longer run times, remote monitoring and servicing, active heating for freezers and industry beating cycle life and energy efficiency.

Innovation Award

Independent IOT Lithium Modules
Stromcore has developed the very first 100AH Lithium modules capable of forming parallel building blocks in a forklift battery compartment. The modules can stack up to 20 in parallel for a total of 2000AH. Each is independently connected to the internet and the cloud, thereby reporting continuous health updates. The modules can be remotely activated or deactivated in the event that a fault is detected. Finally, the modules are constructed for ...
Stromcore Energy Inc.
381 Front St. W.
Suite 2310
Toronto, ON M5V 3R8

Phone: (647) 888-7672