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.steute Technologies, Inc.

.steute Technologies, Inc.

Booth #7988

.steute Technologies, Inc., through the wireless NEXY solution, is a global leader in wireless eKanban, Andon, and AGV integrated sensor networks for manufacturing, assembly and industrial workflow processes. NEXY allows customers to capture the benefits of Just-in-Time (JIT) and lean manufacturing; simultaneously avoiding overstocking and material shortages, all while keeping production lines running.

NEXY’s wireless system architecture allows for flexibility in production line design and facilitates rapid line change-over, eliminating the need for expensive wiring and re-wiring with each production change. NEXY offers a complete line of wireless sensors, position switches, reflective optical sensors, customizable multi-element command switch sets, hand controls, AGV control modules, and 3-button Andon and material requisition units.

The NEXY system architecture utilizes interference-free wireless sensor connections that communicate using 915 MHz radio frequency (non – WiFi).

.steute Technologies, Inc.
901 Ethan Allen Hwy Ste 101
Ridgefield, CT 06877

Phone: (317) 771-2041

Rob Hargis
Brand Manager



Inventory Replenishment
Just In Time (JIT)
Lean Manufacturing
Radio Frequency (RF)
Wireless Sensors

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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Order Picking & E-Commerce Fulfillment
Simulation and Digital Twin Software & Services
Supply Chain Execution Systems and Software
Systems Integration Services

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Transportation and Warehousing

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