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Yard Management Solutions New Innovations

Yard Management Solutions (booth # 8178)

Summary of Innovation

Innovation is the driving force that keeps Yard Management Solutions at the cutting edge of our industry. This means that year after year you can expect our software to continue to be current and state of the art delivering more and working harder, so you don’t have to. This year we have three game-changing innovations: Enhanced Alert Intelligence, Smart Yard “X-Ray Vision”, and Smart Yard “Shipment Optimizer”.

Enhanced Alert Intelligence watches over your operation 24/7 to protect and guard against failures. Intelligent facility monitoring systems notify management of potential problems and cost-causing issues before they arise. Screen alerts keep your team informed and on track while emails and text messages escalate critical issues to management. The YMS EAI System will reduce costs by safeguarding against detention and demurrage charges, slow turn times, unused leased equipment, missed departure/arrival times, trailer pool levels, inventory shortages, workforce inactivity and more.

Smart Yard “X-Ray Vision” removes the guesswork and puts every detail at your fingertips, which means no more opening trailer doors to search for a product. YMS delivers PO/BOL/SKU level data on the exact contents of every trailer in the yard. It’s like having a world-class WMS in your YMS. Simply type in the part number you need and YMS will highlight the trailers that have the product you are looking for.

Smart Yard “Shipment Optimizer” helps optimize the carrier selection process when calling trailers to the door. Customer-driven rules match shipments with the best available carrier based on FIFO, Preferred Carrier and Best Rate.

Innovation Statement

Yard Management Solutions immense visibility and simplistic functionality deliver a level of useable information never before seen in our industry. Enhanced Alert Intelligence, Smart Yard “X-Ray Vision”, and Smart Yard “Shipment Optimizer” deliver systems that save time, money and increase productivity.


Yard Management Solutions provides a complete suite of yard management tools to increase efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce costs. Enhanced Alert Intelligence safeguards your operation against cost causing failures. Smart Yard “X-Ray Vision” delivers real-time visibility into the exact contents of trailers in the yard. Smart Yard “Shipment Optimizer” ensures shipments are loaded using preferred carriers with the best rates and rotated to the door FIFO.


Posted Date 12/28/19
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