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JASCI Cloud Workflow WMS

JASCI Software (booth # 7880a)

Summary of Innovation

We have over 200 pre-built best practice warehouse workflows (receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, etc.); the client can select which flows match their needs. We also have an additional 400+ executions that can be dragged-n-dropped into those workflows to create a unique flow to match certain requirements; this is something that usually requires a custom coding project that might take months, but JASCI's solution is active the same day as the flow configuration. Clients can also keep modifying and testing new workflow configurations, allowing for continuous process improvement. For example, if a client wanted to add a mechanical sorter or am automated packaging machine w/ print apply, they could add the new corresponding flow, without interruption to the operation or a system re-write. If a desired flow doesn’t exist, JASCI can build it and add it to the system library, which is available to all existing clients.

Innovation Statement

JASCI's patent pending Workflow technology allows quick and easy system configuration with drag-n-drop tools. Workflows can be modified at any time, putting more control in the customer's hands and allowing for continuous process improvement without costly modification charges.


Logistics professionals looking streamline their Warehouse Operation can turn to JASCI's solution to automate decision making, increase inventory/order accuracy, and adapt with future business requirements.


Posted Date 12/27/19
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