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Loftware Spectrum

Loftware, Inc. (booth # 914)

Summary of Innovation

Loftware commercialized the first WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) barcode label design software and introduced the first stand-alone on-demand print and database solution. Later the Company went on to provide the first certified integration capabilities with Oracle and SAP and announced Loftware Spectrum®- the first 100% browser-based label printing solution, which offers access to an entire labeling solution across the Internet. Spectrum redefines how enterprises create, manage and print labels and enables organizations to seamlessly implement, deploy, maintain and scale their labeling operations across their entire global network. The first and only all-in-one solution (available in the Cloud or on prem), Spectrum is designed to address the complex, high volume customer and regulatory specific labeling requirements via a completely browser-based interface.

Spectrum offers powerful business rules engine, sophisticated device management, intelligent on-demand printing and high performance native printing in a single software solution. The latest release of Spectrum enables users to design label printing applications purpose-built for mobile devices, which streamlines global labeling processes. It also offers powerful label comparison to speed label creation and review/approval process. The new user interface combined with Spectrum’s Application Architect feature provides customers with unlimited flexibility to configure and run applications for all of their labeling and non-labeling related activities. This enables global users and supply chain partners to print labels on demand, track print job status or perform other functions with ease on any type of device. Users can also run applications outside the Spectrum interface which are purpose-built and branded for their use. Additionally, multi-site capabilities allow organizations to leverage a centralized deployment across multiple geographies providing location specific autonomy and ensuring continuous uptime.

Innovation Statement

Available in the cloud or on-premise deployment, Spectrum is configured for customer's specific needs and provides a comprehensive digital platform which offers advanced business logic and unrivaled on-demand print capabilities to significantly reduce manual effort and enable users to attain new levels of accuracy and consistency for their supply chain labeling. Additionally, Spectrum’s unique Application Architect enables users to create custom applications within the solution that can be used to streamline labeling and related processes.


Loftware Spectrum streamlines and automates labeling and integrates with leading enterprise applications, enabling organizations to master complex labeling variations and scale high volume printing globally in order to meet customer and regulatory requirements quickly.


Posted Date 12/27/19
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