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IPS 400i Positioning Sensor for High Bay Storage Systems

Leuze electronic

Summary of Innovation

The IPS 400i is the smallest camera-based sensor for compartment fine positioning of a high-bay storage systems with double-depth shelves. With its high-performance, ambient-light-independent IR-LED illumination, error-free operation is possible for working ranges up to 2,400 mm. Other highlights include direct configuration of the device using printed configuration codes, integrated web server for remote diagnostics and configuration, four alignment LEDs, and a “quality score” that detects deterioration in the reading performance. An available heated version can be used at ambient temperatures as low as -30 °C. Position offset data is provided via integrated Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFINET, or 4 digital outputs.

Innovation Statement

The IPS 400i is the smallest single sensor solution for double depth rack fine positioning. The integrated web server provides convenient configuration and monitoring anywhere in the network. Positioning offsets are available over an integrated Fieldbus or four discrete digital signals.


The IPS 400i eliminates the need for multiple photoelectric sensors traditionally used for fine positioning; offering industry-leading small size, integrated web server interface, direct configuration with 2D parameter codes, and double-depth compartment capability.


Posted Date 12/27/19
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