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Wall-to-Wall Fulfillment Solution

6 River Systems, Inc (booth # 7489)

Summary of Innovation

6 River Systems’ (6RS) Wall-to-Wall Fulfillment Solution integrates fully-automated and human-assisted solutions with the collaborative robot Chuck™. Our cloud-based Collaborative Fulfillment System (CFS) orchestrates an array of automation that a warehouse needs to enable allocation, picking, sorting, packing, counting, replenishment and business intelligence. The CFS interfaces with a warehouse’s WMS to strategically assign work to Chuck based on order profiles and available labor. Auto Loader™, a newly-released solution, places totes on Chuck which then autonomously travels to meet an associate and begin the picking process. Chuck supports batch, discrete, zone, and cluster picking — simultaneously. Once an associate completes a pick cycle, Chuck directs them to another cobot, ready and waiting to begin a new picking cycle. Meanwhile, the first Chuck travels autonomously to another picking zone or to a fully-automated robotic pick arm called Fast Lane™. The fully-automated stationary robot integrates seamlessly with the picking process to fulfill high-velocity SKUs. The final steps in 6RS’ end-to-end fulfillment solution are sorting and packing. Mobile Sort™ supports the sorting of singles and multis into discrete orders and is ideal for high-volume DCs. Packout™ extends the power of Chuck’s cloud-based software to shipping, integrating with auto-baggers and box-builders to further automate the fulfillment process.

Innovation Statement

Since its launch in 2016, 6 River Systems has transformed from a picking solution to a complete wall-to-wall fulfillment solution which seamlessly orchestrates multiple picking, sorting, and packing methodologies using both fully- and semi-automated solutions.


6 River Systems’ end-to-end fulfillment solution is available to everyone and provides the rapidly-deployable tools that warehouses actually need to deliver immediate and lasting customer value.


Posted Date 12/23/19
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