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FlexQube Inc. (booth # 6832)

Summary of Innovation

The eQart® is an autonomous and remote-controlled material handling cart. By using FlexQube building blocks and complementing with digital modules such as motors, battery, control unit, and sensors, we can offer a flexible, affordable, and user-friendly concept. The eQart® has market-leading size flexibility from 910 x 840 mm up to 2510 x 2510 mm, as well as be used for stand-alone, towing or in a mother-daughter configuration.

Innovation Statement

The goal with the eQart® is to offer the most user-friendly automation solution for intralogistics operations. By keeping the DNA of the FlexQube concept, customers can use the full potential of the FlexQube concept to build a wide variety of sizes and customized top structures on material handling carts.


The eQart® can support companies to overcome challenges with increasing logistics costs and rapid changes in products and parts.


Posted Date 12/23/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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