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KNAPP Pick-It-Easy Robot, powered by Covariant’s artificial intelligence

Covariant (booth # 4379)

Summary of Innovation

The KNAPP Pick-It-Easy Robot, powered by Covariant’s artificial intelligence, is an automated single-item robot picking station that’s high performing, capable of handling a wide range of objects, continuously learning and improving, and easy to integrate with existing systems. Together, KNAPP and Covariant have developed the first real-world proven AI robotics solution equipped to handle high volume, high variability, constantly changing customer environments while meeting leading performance and reliability standards. The Pick-It-Easy Robot powered by Covariant works with a wide range of use cases and industries and can handle unlimited SKUs and challenging objects (e.g. polybags, banded apparel, transparent items, blister packs). Covariant’s cutting-edge AI enables the robot to adapt to new SKUs on the fly without pre-training, while quickly and efficiently learning to manipulate new objects, so it gets smarter and faster with experience. Integration with KNAPP KiSoft cloud applications and data sharing across a network of robots reduce deployment and operating cost, while increasing performance, accuracy and decreasing project schedules.

Innovation Statement

Pick-It-Easy Robot’s key innovation is its unique combination of performance, reliability, variability, and ability to constantly learn and improve. It’s proven to be as fast and accurate as manual processes while handling a diverse, constantly changing mix of challenging objects and meeting high reliability standards, a milestone that hasn’t been reached before.


The Pick-It-Easy Robot is relevant to any MODEX attendee who is struggling to fill highly repetitive roles in their warehouse, DC or fulfillment center, has significant labor challenges, and is interested in robotic picking solutions that are fast, reliable, adaptable and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure. It works across a broad range of industries including e-commerce, retail, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, food, fashion and apparel, and logistics.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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