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Fall Guard

Goff's Enterprises Inc. (booth # 9610)

Summary of Innovation

Goff’s Fall Guard safety system was designed to provide the best fall protection solution at the loading dock. Since OSHA began enforcing their 1910.28 & 1910.29 guidelines for fall protection at loading docks, the market has been flooded with “solutions” for loading dock safety. However, these systems only seek to check the OSHA box, still allowing users to fall over or through their gate or chain, increasing the liability for the very buildings they are installed to protect.

We redesigned fall protection from the top down using our high performance vinyl doors as a basis for our patent-pending design. Our easy-to-activate visual & physical barrier features 5 tightly spaced restraining bars in the bottom 42” of the opening, tested to exceed OSHA’s 200lb requirement. Even if a restraining bar is displaced out of our track, the others are tethered and move to add additional support, forming an industry-first safety web of protection. By covering the entire opening of the loading dock, we have eliminated the possibility of falling over or through when the device is implemented, making Fall Guard the safest solution for the loading dock. It’s easier to use, safer to deploy, and better for your bottom line.

Innovation Statement

Unlike other systems, our patent-pending design covers the entire opening of the loading dock, providing the most comprehensive safety solution, while eliminating risk zones for end users. This combines the benefits of a mesh or vinyl bug screen door with the safety of a fall protection device for the ultimate loading dock solution.


A vast number of attendees interact with loading docks in some function of their job. Utilizing our fall protection solution will help them achieve maximum safety for their personnel, and minimize risk for their organization.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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