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BrainOS Robotic Platform

Brain Corp (booth # 1013)

Summary of Innovation

BrainOS is the leading commercially-supported, cloud-connected operating system for the development of robotic equipment. BrainOS’s flexibility enables streamlined integration into any wheeled form factor, empowering material handling OEMs to upgrade their incumbent equipment with robotic functionality or build new autonomous machines that safely operate in dynamic, complex environments. Robots powered by BrainOS navigate autonomously, avoid people and obstacles, adapt to changing environments, manage data, generate reports, and seamlessly interact with operators. Unlike traditional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), BrainOS eliminates the need for environmental retrofits and additional cloud services, while facilitating a faster-to-market approach without the extensive and expensive R&D needed to build a robot from the ground up.

Brain Corp leads the mobile robot market with one of the largest autonomous fleets worldwide, boasting over a million autonomous hours of operation. Brain Corp partners with leading commercial equipment developers to deliver autonomous solutions to their customers, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. BrainOS-powered robot deployments grew 500% in 2019.

Innovation Statement

BrainOS’s teach-and-repeat learning system and single-shot mapping and route creation capability results in low-cost, efficient deployment and setup by non-technical teams. This allows customers to scale large robotic fleets rapidly. In addition, BrainOS’s advanced navigation enables safe operation in dynamic, open-to-the public environments.


Material handling OEMs, regardless of their technical capabilities, can integrate BrainOS into their products to leverage the benefits of automation and provide higher value to their customers. Beyond industrial and warehouse markets, BrainOS enables material handling OEMs to target untapped, labor-challenged market verticals such as retail, malls, and airports, which require advanced navigation capabilities and compliance with strict safety standards.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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