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ORBIS Corporation (booth # 8419)

Summary of Innovation

The XPressBulk is a fully reusable, single touch, retail-ready system is designed for the retail delivery and merchandising of high-velocity grocery items. This system combines delivery efficiency with merchandising ease for the consumer. It is comprised of a dolly, removable handle and a set of custom trays. This delivery system is designed for quick unload and its mobility allows retail associates to wheel it off trucks and right into coolers or aisles. In addition, it reduces off-loading, multiple touches and the need for bulky material handling equipment in a retail setting, so retail associates can be reallocated to different areas of the store. The condensed height allows retailers to cube out their merchandising space more efficiently, creating space for additional SKUs and ultimately sales lift. This fully reusable system reduces waste associated with expendable packaging (fiber corrugated trays, wood pallet, etc.) disposal. For one fluid milk delivery application, studies showed that ORBIS' reusable plastic tray could annually save more than nine million lbs of paper waste when compared to a fiber corrugated tray.

Innovation Statement

This mobile system was designed to combine delivery efficiency with merchandising ease for the consumer. It is designed for better truckload efficiency, reduced transportation costs, quick unload and better utilization of store labor.


This new fully reusable, one-touch bulk merchandising solution reduces labor and cuts unload time related to the bulk delivery of high-velocity grocery items.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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