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Skypod System

EXOTEC Solutions SAS (booth # 4585)

Summary of Innovation

Exotec manufactures order preparation systems with fleets of robots that operate in three dimensions : the Skypod System. It consists of a fleet of robots navigating in the warehouse without a guiding infrastructure and capable of fetching bins stored up to 10 meters (30 feet) in height, and bringing them to the operator.The fleet of robots is controlled by the Astar WCS software, which optimizes the preparation of orders with one goal: to be as fast possible.

Innovation Statement

The Skypod outperforms the best traditional automated order picking systems, while being much quicker in implementation and scalable. What makes all the difference is the ability to change the size of the installation by independently taking into account storage needs and flows, while keeping pace with the growth of the business with the ability to phase investments, unparalleled on the market.


The Skypod, our robotic order preparation solution, completely dissociates storage capacity and flow parameters for total adaptability. This particularity fits to the needs of e-merchants who do not know what their growth will be in 2 or 5 years.


Posted Date 12/17/19
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Category Best Innovation of an Existing Product

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