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MūL MARC (Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart) Products

MūL Technologies (booth # 1806)

Summary of Innovation

Several years ago, we started looking for a simple, inexpensive way to reduce the number of wasted steps in our production and warehousing facilities. Automation – and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) – were everywhere and appeared to be an appealing option. When we started looking at options, everything was much more than we needed, and the cost clearly reflected that. We needed a simple way to transport items to multiple fixed locations in a simple and efficient way, without an elaborate setup process or confusing interface. Unable to find an affordable and easy-to-use solution, we developed MARC.
MARC (Mobile Automated Robotic Cart) is a simple-to-use, point-to-point AMR which is available for under $10,000. The first of its kind, MARC provides an affordable alternative for adoption of automation for any business looking to improve efficiencies and receive a quick return on investment.

Innovation Statement

MARC is the first affordable, uncomplicated AMR available on the market. The simple point-to-point usage model, coupled with a user-friendly interface, allows a much wider group of businesses to adopt automation.


We offer the lowest cost, quickest ROI of any AMR on the market for manufacturers, warehouses, and logistics facilities that utilize repetitive tasks; a simple solution that small-to-medium sized businesses can easily justify.


Posted Date 12/20/19
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Category Best New Innovation

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