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COVID-19 Coronavirus

March 27, 2020 Update

MHI has been continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation before, during and since MODEX 2020 to proactively provide attendees and exhibitors with as much information as possible on this on-going situation. For that reason, MHI is notifying all MODEX 2020 participants about a possible exposure to COVID-19 during the expo.

On March 19 it was brought to our attention that a second person who has tested positive for COVID-19 was on-site at the Georgia World Congress Center during MODEX 2020. This person was working on-site for an exhibiting company from March 8-12. The exhibiting company was located in the area of the B Hall 4300/4400/4500/4600 aisles, and MHI has been told that the exhibiting company is contacting each person who visited this booth whose badge was scanned and others this individual met with onsite about this situation. This individual also attended the MHI Young Professionals Network event on March 9 and the MHI Industry Night on March 11 as part of the general audience.

On March 18 it was brought to our attention that a person has tested positive for COVID-19 that was on-site at the Georgia World Congress Center during MODEX 2020. This person was working on-site for an independent contractor trade show marketing and labor provider from March 4-14. We are told the person tested positive on March 17 and is recovering at this time. The individual worked for the independent contractor, Nth Degree, which has duly informed each Exhibitor whose booth was serviced by that company of this situation.

The affected person was a floor manager for Nth Degree and was primarily responsible for managing Nth Degree’s booths in a section of the show floor in Hall C and the B/C connector. He was not working in any booth as an installer, and was not in any specific booth for any length of time. We do not know the identities of the Exhibitors but will provide additional information on this situation as it becomes available. In the meantime, further inquiries can be made directly to Elise Simons at Nth Degree whose email address is esimons@nthdegree.com.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are sharing this information with you so you can take necessary steps to monitor your own situation. As a precaution, we are advising participants who attended MODEX 2020 to monitor themselves for the following symptoms for up to 14 days from your last day at MODEX 2020.

--Shortness of breath

If you have these, or other, flu-like symptoms, we recommend that you self-isolate and reach out to your medical provider for advice on next steps. Please refer to the CDC recommendations for protecting yourself and others.

MHI will provide additional information on this situation as it becomes known. These are challenging and unprecedented times for our community and MHI will continue to share additional information we receive on this situation on this page.

Our thoughts are with anyone affected and we wish them a speedy and full recovery. Contact us at cmiller@mhi.org if you have questions.

March 17, 2020 Update

Now that MODEX has ended, MHI would like to thank all our exhibitors, attendees and partners who took part in this event for your support throughout the week.

Due to the growing concern about COVID-19, MHI will share any information we receive regarding anyone who was on-site during MODEX who tests positive for this virus.

We will provide any further information that we learn on this page. We ask that you continue to follow protocols provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for your continued health and safety.

A press release providing final MODEX attendance and more information can be found here.

March 8, 2020 Update

We understand concerns about COVID-19 Coronavirus are top of mind, and we want to be as transparent as possible and share information about what we are doing to prepare for MODEX 2020. For MHI, the producer of MODEX 2020, the safety and security of our exhibitors and attendees is our paramount consideration.

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus and are following protocols that are provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

We currently have over 900 exhibitors who have teams onsite setting up for the show, and we want to assure you of the following:

  • Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of all participants at MODEX including attendees, exhibitors, vendors, staff, industry partners, and others involved in the show.
  • We are proceeding as planned to hold a safe and successful MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, March 9-12
  • We are in daily contact with the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) who is working with both the GA Dept. of Public Health and the Fulton County Board of Health to gain insight on the spread of the coronavirus, health surveillance/screening efforts at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and updated data on possible impacts to the United States and Georgia.
  • When it comes to MODEX attendance, we anticipate reduced international registrants especially from those in the most affected countries of China, Italy and South Korea due to travel restrictions. That said, advance registration is well ahead of the 2018 show and we anticipate a healthy and successful MODEX. We continue to receive record registrations this week.
  • Most of our exhibitors are currently onsite moving in equipment and setting up their booth space. These exhibitors have been following the move-in schedule protocols and we anticipate all exhibitors will be moved in and ready for the shows’ opening day on Monday, March 9.


MODEX 2020 FAQs Regarding COVID 19

What is Show Management doing to prepare for the show in regard to COVID-19?

  • We are closely monitoring the news and will follow any protocols that are provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We encourage exhibitors and attendees to take common-sense precautions by using hand sanitizer and following these guidelines set by the CDC when they are onsite at the show.
  • We are working closely with all show partners including the City of Atlanta, the GWCC, the airport authority and hotels to ensure the safety of all show participants.
  • We will release any emergency information or announcements during the event on the MODEX app. We will also email all exhibitor and attendee contacts
  • We are taking steps to address concerns by providing heightened levels of cleanliness, including:
    • Before and during MODEX, GWCC staff will repeatedly sanitize high-traffic fomite areas (door handles, hand rails, bathrooms, etc.) and provide additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the GWCC campus. GWCC is exceeding all recommendations by the CDC for cleaning and disinfecting public areas and will continue to amplify public health messages as needed. MHI will install additional sanitation stations in multiple locations on the MODEX show floor and common areas for the duration of the show.
    • Encouraging a “no handshake” policy, frequent hand washing and safe hygiene practices onsite for all attendees and exhibitors with on-site signage, bus signage and social media notifications.
    • policy onsite for all attendees and exhibitors.
    • Asking anyone who is sick not to come to MODEX.


Has the show been impacted by COVID-19?

  • Some of our international exhibitors and attendees have been impacted by COVID-19 due to the travel restrictions, and the spread of the virus in China, Italy, South Korea.
  • Due to the travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19, many China-based exhibitors and attendees will not be able to participate in MODEX 2020. China-based companies with North American-based operations and staff (not impacted by the travel restrictions), will exhibit at MODEX 2020 as planned.
  • Overall, the expected cancellations of attendees will have a limited impact on the show. Visitors from outside North America represent around 12 percent of overall registrations to date.


What happens if someone presents flu-like symptoms at the shows?

  • Our first aid professional service provider will be readily available to provide medical assistance onsite to any individuals that needs medical assistance. We have two first aid stations onsite at the show.
  • Our first aid professional service provider will be readily available to provide medical assistance onsite to any individuals that need it. They work closely with the fire department and local hospitals including Emory University Hospital Midtown and Grady Health System.
  • First aid stations are available in B and C Hall and noted on the app and Expo Guide map as well as onsite signage. The emergency number for MODEX is 404-223-4911.
  • At this time, any testing for COVID-19 would be managed by local hospitals and/or the CDC.


How many registrants are from international countries?

  • 88% of current MODEX registrants are from North America, the remainder are from outside the region. We expect international attendance from countries outside North America to be lower, especially due to countries impacted by travel restrictions.


What are you doing to prevent those from high-risk areas from attending the shows?

  • The initial travel ban from China has restricted China-based individuals from attending the shows. In addition, the ongoing quarantines from other countries, including Italy and South Korea, have also restricted some individuals from attending the shows.
  • We are encouraging everyone to make responsible decisions to stay home if they are sick and to not travel if they are traveling from high-risk areas.


This update is done as part of MHI’s commitment to the safety and security of our exhibitors and attendees. We advise that MODEX exhibitors and attendees always follow the care and hygiene recommendations recommended by the WHO and CDC while onsite at MODEX.

Ultimately, we encourage everyone to make responsible decisions and stay home if they are sick. Our Show Management has dedicated resources to provide quick responses to inquiries related to COVID-19. Attendees and exhibitors with questions or concerns are encouraged to email Carol Miller at .

We will inform exhibitors and attendees should there be any further updates to this statement. Our thoughts continue to be with all who have been impacted by the coronavirus.