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Waypoint Robotics, Inc.

Waypoint Robotics, Inc.

Booth #9600

Waypoint Robotics develops and sells fully autonomous and omnidirectional mobile robots that are easy to use, industrial strength, and designed to be setup and used by the current workforce on the job today.

Our Vector & MAV3K AMRs, EnZone wireless charging system, Dispatcher software and other supporting products are designed to make adoption and usage of autonomous mobile robots fast and easy in complex manufacturing environments.

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Vector AMR
Vector™ — Industrial Strength, omnidirectional, Autonomous Mobile Robot with up to 600 lb carrying capacity


9600 Waypoint Robotics
9600 Waypoint Robotics Booth Tour

Waypoint MAV3K autonomous mobile robot with 3000lb payload capacity
MAV3K is an industrial strength, autonomous mobile robot featuring a 3000lb carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility that enables smooth and nimble movement of your heaviest materials. MAV3K comes equipped with Waypoint's easy to use Dispatcher software allowing it to be set up and autonomously operating in under 15 minutes. MAV3K's safe and powerful batteries keep it moving through the longest workday. And Waypoint's EnZone wireless charging system enables MAV3K to charge itself, so you can forget about batteries and charging. MAV3K's dual safety rated LiDAR sensors, 3 stage safety system and superior autonomous navigation ensures MAV3K will safely find its own way from A to B so you can focus on what you do best. With products like MAV3K and Vector that offer best-in-class navigation capabilities, a heavy-duty metal construction, omnidirectional movement, and fully autonomous navigation, Waypoint continues to provide better robots for real-world manufacturing environments.

15 Minutes to Autonomous Navigation with Vector - Waypoint Robotics
Waypoint Robotics (TM) has made the Vector (TM) autonomous mobile industrial robot so easy to setup use, that you can go from a crate on your dock to having a mobile robot in your shop in less than 15 minutes. Waypoint has developed an ecosystem of products to work with Vector. Dispatcher (TM) is the software tool that makes it easy to setup your Vector. Whistle (TM) is the common sense robot controller that makes it easy to use Vector. EnZone (TM) is the wireless charging and on-demand power system that allows Vector to take care of its own energy needs, so you don't have to worry about batteries or charging.

Vector 3D Mobile Manipulator
This video shows a Waypoint Vector autonomous mobile robot with 3D perception and a swappable mobile manipulation payload. The robot is autonomously navigating and dropping off parts at various work cells. Vector is designed for the Workforce, to be a tool that they use directly. We have made it exceptionally easy to setup and use. We spent about 10 minutes creating this program using the UR5 programming interface and the Waypoint Dispatcher software. Waypoint Robotics is designing and building robots that the workforce of today can put to work immediately, to add to their own capabilities, increase their own efficiency, and strengthen their companies.


How to Include the Workforce and Speed Up Robot Deployment 3/11/2020 11:30 AM 12:15 PM Emerging Technologies Theater

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MAV3K™ - 3000 lb Capacity, Industrial Strength, Omnidirectional, Autonomous Mobile Robot
MAV3K™ is a powerful autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for manufacturing and supply chain applications. It features an industrial strength chassis, a 3000 lb payload capacity and omnidirectional mobility that enables smooth and nimble movement of industrial pallets, racks, or large and heavy payloads. MAV3K™ comes equipped with Waypoint’s easy to use Dispatcher software allowing it to be set up and autonomously operating in under 15 minutes. MAV3K’s ...
Waypoint Kingpin™ for Auto Load/Unload AND Cart Pulling
Waypoint’s Kingpin™ is a simple but powerful device that enables Waypoint’s industrial strength, omnidirectional AMRs to load and unload payloads AND connect to a variety of standard carts offering the ultimate in flexibility for material movement. Kingpin enables Vector™ to do two critical jobs with one simple top module, as opposed to having to choose from one task or another. With Kingpin, Vector can automatically pick up a tote on one side of ...
Waypoint Robotics, Inc.
248 Main Dunstable Road
Nashua, NH 03062

Phone: (603) 945-4040



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