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Elettric80 Inc.

Elettric80 Inc.

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Elettric80 and BEMA tailored solutions ensure a significant gain in factories and DC efficiency. Innovative technologies automate the material flow movements starting from inbound of packaging material all the way to automated trailer loading of finished goods. Our solutions include palletizing robots, wide range of AGVs, high speed robotic stretch wrappers, pallet control systems, robotic labelers, layer picking and repacking solutions, and high-density ASRS with shuttles or cranes. The entire flow is centrally managed from the SM.I.LE80 software platform (Smart Integrated Logistics) which ensures a direct connection between production systems and optimizes all operations from raw material reception to warehousing and shipping. From our office in Chicago we offer 24/7 customer service. We completed 300 integrated factories, installed over 2000 robotic systems and 4500 laser-guided systems. This growth can be related to investments in R&D and adaptation to fast-changing market needs.

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A Successful Case Study: how do you build a Smart Factory?
Total integration of logistics processes, reduction of waste, maximum traceability of the products handled and 100% safety. All this is guaranteed by our advanced technological solutions that have contributed to making a customer company one of the top breweries in the world!
Elettric80 and BEMA Case Study: an advanced factory in the heart of Champagne
Thanks to our solutions, the company’s factory in Champagne has achieved all its objectives: - improving bottle quality by reducing impacts during handling. - optimizing the aging process thanks to controlled lighting and reduced vibration. - ensuring total product traceability. - optimizing the storage area. - - eliminating accidents.
Elettric80 and BEMA Company Profile
Thanks to innovative technologies and a thorough analysis of customers' logistics processes, more than 25 years ago, Elettric80 was developing the concept of Industry 4.0: smart, interconnected and digitalized factories.
Software Platform to Increase Supply Chain Efficiency
Our software platform SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics) ensures the integrated and automated management of systems and flows, from the entry of raw materials to the complete management of the warehouse and shipments.


Enrico Grassi, President of Elettric80 & BEMA
"Everything can be stopped except the strength of a dream". In this video interview, Enrico Grassi, President of Elettric80 and BEMA, illustrates how his enterprises were built and what ingredients have contributed to their growth. He affirms: "I am proud of all that we have created in tandem with our team and our customers around the world".

It's Time to Transform Your Factory!
From custom-made Automation Systems to fully integrated factory, beyond 4.0. Elettric80 and BEMA provide flexible and modular solutions for production planning and control, maximizing efficiency over time along the entire supply chain, maintaining product quality, and increasing plant safety.

Elettric80 Inc.
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Skokie, IL 60076

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